Abilene Immigration Lawyer

Burgos & Garritson Law will make sure that you understand what the legal issues are and how to present your case. We are immigration lawyers in Abilene, TX who can assist you with questions or concerns that you have regarding issues such as non-immigrant and immigrant visas, establishing U.S. citizenship, employment-based immigration, seeking asylum, or handing proceedings involving deportation or removal.

We have many years of experience representing clients in Abilene, TX with all their immigration and naturalization needs, including legal guidance on issues regarding:

  • Asylum & Refugees
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Criminal Alien Issues
  • Deportation & Removal Defense
  • Employment Based Immigration
  • Family based immigration
  • Green Cards & Immigration Visas
  • Immigration Compliance
  • Naturalization & US Citizenship
  • Ppermanent & Green card issues
  • Visitors & Non-immigrant Visas
  • Work Permit

For any immigration related questions, please call (214)774-4713 or send us an email to info@bgimmlaw.com or chat with an immigration lawyer today.



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