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Family Based Immigration

Burgos & Garritson Law is aware of the stress and anxiety that all families endure navigating the long and complex path when petitioning for family members.  We commit our office to provide the best service possible not only filing the case, but standing by our clients through the entire process. 

  • I-130
  • Waivers
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Consular Process
  • Citizenship
  • VAWA
  • U-Visa

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Employment Based Immigration

Burgos & Garritson Law is aware of the difficulties most Human Resource executives, managers and personnel face when dealing with the complex issues surrounding the U.S. immigration laws and regulations. We design user-friendly and cost-effective systems to handle the immigration process, depending upon your company’s staffing needs and the size of foreign hires. We are dedicated to assisting our corporate clients by personally guiding them through the often frustrating labyrinth that immigration work entails. We are committed to ensuring that the process is made as simple as possible, while at the same time ensuring that you fully understand your company’s responsibilities and liabilities.

  • Adjustment of Status
  • H-1B
  • L-1A
  • L-1B
  • O-1
  • P-1
  • EAD
  • F-1/M-1

Removal Defense

Our office provides representation in bond hearings in immigration court for detained as well as prepare case strategies to defend the rights of our clients who are in the removal process.  There are many complexities involving removal defense and how previous criminal convictions can impact relief that is available.

  • Cancellation of Removal Non-legal permanent resident
  • Cancellation of Removal Legal Permanent Resident
  • Voluntary Departure
  • Asylum
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Bond

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Immigration Compliance

We assist in designing plans to ensure that your company is always in compliance with all applicable immigration and labor laws. We assist in IRCA or “I-9” reviews, Public Access File generation and review, as well as audit preparation. Our offices also provide services with regard to due diligence audits in the context of mergers and acquisitions. We will preserve company specific prerequisites (including indexing recruiting efforts) in order to save time during the immigration procedure. We hold telephone and e-mail consultations with company representatives at no cost to those companies that we regularly represent. Our state-of-the-art technologies and case management systems provide our clients with the tools that ultimately simplify corporate immigration matters.



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